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Stress Stones

Stress Stones

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Natural Italian lava rock infused with a blend of 11 anti-viral organic and essential oils designed to help you destress, whilst naturally aiding your immune system.

How To Use

Open the lid of these 'Stress Stones' to release the relaxing aroma led by tea tree, frankincense & sage. Infused natural Italian lava rock to recreate the feeling of tranquillity and calm, in a world which sometimes feels out of control.

Why not try opening a jar of Stress Stones on your desk whilst working or studying for exams to help relieve feelings of anxiety? 

Essential Oils:

Tea Tree The Ultimate anti-viral oil helping to purify the air around you.

Frankincense Excellent for calming and mediation slows and deepens breathing.

Oregano Anti-viral and antioxidant

Sage Anti-bacterial and is known as the master herb. Balancing & Soothing to ease negative moods.

Thyme Anti-viral, helps to turn low moods and boosts your energy levels whilst lowering stress

Manuka Honey Anti-viral and soothing and calming.

Ginger A warming oil that reduces stress, sadness and anxiety.

Lemon A powerful antiseptic known for its ability to create positive moods.

Hyssop A staple in folk medicine and has antioxidant and uplifting benefits.

Peppermint Alleviates tension and stress and soothes feelings of irritability.

Eucalyptus A powerful anti-viral oil that aids relaxation.

How long Does The Fragrance Last?

Each jar of stones is infused with 3 months worth of fragrance. But don't worry, you can top-up the fragrance with the Emotif Stress Stones oil to keep the aroma levels at their most effective for another 6 months. Just add 1-2 capfuls every few weeks. The stones themselves never need to be replaced.

What's included?

1 jar of stress stones already infused with 3 months of fragrance.

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • 100% Natural
  • Handmade in East Sussex
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